115 Flower Names for Dogs

Few things are as bright and cheerful as a happy dog, and few things make any day brighter than a bubbly pup that always seems to have a “spring” in their step. If your dog is as sweet as a sunflower, as radiant as a rose, or even as wild as a wildflower, their name should reflect that. After all, the most popular pet names are the ones that capture your furry friend’s appearance and personality to a tee.

With that in mind, we’ve picked the best flower names of the bunch. These flower dog names are sure to help you name your newly adopted pup.

Best Nature-Inspired Flower Names for Dogs

Floral dog names never go out of season. With the wide range of nature-inspired dog names to choose from, there is sure to be one that suits your pup.

Flower names for Girl Dogs

If your girl pup is as sweet as a petunia, you’re sure to love these flower-inspired names for female dogs.

  • Dahlia
  • Lily 
  • Poppy 
  • Rose or Rosie 
  • Buttercup
  • Tulip 
  • Petunia 
  • Queen Anne
  • Camellia 
  • Daisy 
  • Cynthia
  • Myrtle
  • Magnolia 
  • Azalea or Azie
  • Marigold
  • Daffodil 
  • Calla
  • Peony

Flower Names for Male Dogs

You’ve picked the best pup of the bunch — now he just needs the perfect name to grow into!

  • Iris 
  • Sorel
  • Dianthus
  • Peri(winkle)
  • Tiger(lily)
  • Mallow
  • Juniper
  • Florant 
  • Ixora
  • Zephyr
  • Valerian
  • Quill
  • Aster
  • Amaryllis
  • Sunny (Sunflower)
  • Clover
  • Dandy (Dandelion) 
  • Crisanto
  • Butters (Buttercup)
  • Avens
  • Briar

Flower Names for Black Dogs

Naming your black dog after a dark or black flower can reflect the enchanting beauty and mysterious charm of your canine companion.

  • Viola: An inky flower by the full moniker ‘Black Delight’ Viola.
  • Twilight: As in the Twilight Magic’ Crape Myrtle. It has deep plum leaves with vibrant pops of pink flowers.
  • Handsome: While all good pups are handsome, this black flower name inspired by Helleborus ‘Dark and Handsome’ is sure to let everyone know just how much you love your pup.
  • Helle: Also inspired by the Hellebores.
  • Susan: As in the beloved black-eyed Susan.
  • Holly: The Black Hollyhock has large, velvety-black ruffled flowers that range from deep maroon to a near-black.
  • Cocoa: The Cocoa ‘Enchanted Sunrise’ Begonia has rich chocolate leaves and bright lime veins.
  • Ember: A flower-inspired name that celebrates your pup’s sleek black coat and soulful eyes. The Night Embers’ Sedum has black-purple leaves and pink blooms on dark red stems.
  • Queenie: Just like the Queen of the Night tulip, Queenie is a special pup who loves to bring a little drama to the household.
  • Sweetunia: There’s nothing sweeter than a pup named after the Petunia ’sweetunia Black Satin,’ a flower that features almost solid black trumpet-shaped flowers.
  • Molly: With satin-like petals, the Molly Sanderson Viola is coal black with a touch of purple at their center.
  • Melantha: Greek for dark flower.

Flower Names for White Dogs

Whether your white dog’s fur is as fluffy as a dandelion seed head or as flowy as a flower petal, we’ve plucked a handful of white flower names for dogs that perfectly suit their appearance.

  • Yarrow
  • Primrose (Primi is fitting, too)
  • Cosmo
  • Begonia (Petite and delicate for your small dog) 
  • Calla 
  • Snowdrop
  • Chamomile
  • Hydra (Hydrangea)
  • Gardenia 
  • Lupine or Lu 
  • Magnolia
  • Baby (Baby’s breath) 
  • Jasmine or Jazzy

Uncommon Flower Names for Dogs

These rare and endangered flowers are one of a kind, just like your pup.

  • Gib: Short for Gibraltar campion, a flower so rare that it wasn’t seen for 15 years and was thought to be extinct.
  • Lady: The Lady Slipper orchid takes anywhere from four to 16 years to produce their first flower. Just like a slow bloomer, Lady might be a perfect name for that senior dog who has finally found their forever home.
  • Ghost: Ghost orchids are epiphytes, meaning they grow on other plants, such as trees. They have a tangled mass of green roots that cling tightly to the trunks of their host trees. Sound like any velcro pup you know?
  • Pogonia: The Rose Pogonia is another pretty but endangered orchid, producing a single rose-colored flower.
  • Kadupul: A rare flower that only blooms at night. It’s said to be good luck if you spot one in bloom.
  • Franklin: Franklinia alatamaha, a once-wild tree with showy white flowers and a sweet fragrance, now survives only with human care (in cultivation).
  • Dracula: The Dracula simia orchid smells of sweet oranges. It’s also known as the monkey orchid because its flowers with long, delicate petals and a spur of nectar oddly resemble a monkey’s face.

Dog Names Inspired by Flower Colors

Spring is a cheery time of year and you can get inspiration for your dog’s name from just about anywhere, like the vibrant colors of your favorite flower petal.

  • Violet
  • Topaz 
  • Indigo 
  • Lavender
  • Magenta
  • Peach 
  • Pearl
  • Fawn 
  • Amaranth
  • Azure

Springtime Names for Dogs

These springtime dog names celebrate the season of renewal and growth, which sure is fitting for a newly adopted pup with a second chance at life or a puppy just arriving into the world.

  • April
  • Avril (French for April)
  • May
  • June or Junie
  • Dew
  • Misty
  • Equinox
  • Sprout
  • Metamorphosis
  • Fleur
  • Rain or Raine 
  • Sunny 
  • Blossom
  • BeeBee
  • Buzz
  • Floral 
  • Bud 
  • Flora 
  • Robin
  • Neo
  • Breezey

Mythical Dog Names Inspired by Flowers and Nature

Naming your dog after a god or goddess associated with nature is a great way to showcase your and your pup’s love of the outdoors. 

  • Gaia: Greek goddess of Earth
  • Rhea: Daughter of Gaia, Greek earth goddess
  • Zephyros: Greek god of spring and the west wind
  • Persephone: Greek goddess of harvest and fertility
  • Demeter: Greek goddess of the harvest
  • Ostara: Pagan goddess of Easter, also goes by Eastre or Eostre
  • Fauna: Roman goddess of animals
  • Flora: Roman goddess of flowers
  • Helios: Greek god of the sun
  • Apollo: Greek god of sun and light
  • Bacchus: Roman god of agriculture and fertility
  • Phaedra: In Greek mythology, a Cretan princess whose name means “bright”
  • Pomona: Roman goddess of fruit trees, gardens, and orchards

Tips for choosing a dog name

Choosing the perfect name for your new dog is no small task, especially when there are so many potential names to choose from. However, there are just a few tips to keep in mind when naming your pup, or any pet for that matter.

  • Choose a name that you love and are happy to say in public
  • Avoid names that sound like cues, such as “sit,” “stay,” or “come”
  • It helps to consider your dog’s personality and appearance but the possibilities are endless, so let your creativity run wild.

If springtime flowers aren’t quite the budding inspiration for you, consider springtime activities or your dog’s size for inspiration. For instance, you could name your dog Blouder for bouldering, Raphie for rafting, or Tank for their large size.

Janelle Leeson is a Portland, Oregon-based freelance writer. Her work has been featured in magazines such as Inside Your Dog’s Mind, Inside Your Cat’s Mind, and Paw Print, as well online at Insider Reviews, NBC Select, Shop Today, PetMD, and Daily Paws. She has two adventure cats, a flock of urban chickens, and a soon-to-be-husband who doesn’t mind housing the occasional foster cat — or five.

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