The Ultimate Guide to Cat Beds: From Sleepy Siesta to Ignoring It Altogether

Our feline companions are masters of relaxation, spending a good portion of their day curled up in a sunbeam or sprawled across our keyboards. But do they actually need a designated spot to catch those all-important Zzz’s?

This guide dives deep into the world of cat beds, exploring the types available, why your cat might be ignoring their new haven, and how to convince them it’s the purrfect place to be.

Do Cats Need Beds?

While cats can technically sleep anywhere, providing them with a designated bed offers several benefits:

  • Comfort and Security: A soft, comfortable bed provides a safe haven for your cat to relax and feel secure.
  • Warmth: Beds offer insulation, especially important for senior cats or hairless breeds.
  • Keeps Furniture Fur-Free (Mostly): A designated spot encourages cats to sleep in their own space, reducing the amount of fur on your furniture.

However, not all cats are created equal:

  • Some cats are naturally more independent and may not take to a designated bed.
  • Kittens who haven’t developed strong preferences yet are more likely to adapt to a new bed.

Will the Cat Use a Bed?

There’s no guaranteed answer. Several factors influence a cat’s bed usage:

  • Bed Type: Selecting the right bed for your cat’s personality and preferences is crucial.
  • Location: Place the bed in a quiet, draft-free zone with good visibility, allowing them to observe their surroundings.
  • Scent: Introduce familiar scents, like a blanket rubbed on furniture they like to nap on, to make the bed more inviting.

Types of Cat Beds:

The variety of cat beds is vast, catering to every feline fancy. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular styles:

  • Cuddler Beds: These plush, open beds are ideal for snuggling and provide a sense of security.
  • Bolster Beds: Raised sides offer a sense of enclosure and a place to rest their heads.
  • Donut Beds: These circular beds with raised sides provide a cozy, womb-like feeling.
  • Cave Beds: Completely enclosed beds with a single opening are ideal for shy or security-seeking cats.
  • Heated Beds: Electrically powered or self-warming beds offer extra warmth, perfect for senior cats or colder climates.
  • Perch Beds: Elevated beds mounted on walls or furniture cater to a cat’s natural instinct to be up high.
  • Hammock Beds: These hanging beds provide a stimulating vantage point and a place to nap.

Choosing the Right Cat Bed

FeatureIdeal ForNot Ideal For
Cuddler BedsSocial, cuddly catsIndependent cats who prefer enclosed spaces
Bolster BedsCats who like to rest their headsCats who dislike feeling enclosed
Donut BedsCats who like to curl upLarger cats who may find them cramped
Cave BedsShy, security-seeking catsSocial cats who prefer open spaces
Heated BedsSenior cats, hairless breeds, or cold climatesActive cats who may find them too warm
Perch BedsCurious cats who enjoy observing their surroundingsDeclawed cats who may struggle to climb
Hammock BedsPlayful cats who enjoy climbing and nappingSenior cats or cats with mobility issues

Why Does the Cat Ignore Their Bed?

There can be several reasons why your cat might be snubbing their brand new bed:

  • Location: Reposition the bed to a quieter, sunnier spot or somewhere they like to spend time.
  • Unfamiliarity: New things can be scary for cats. Introduce the bed gradually, letting them sniff it before placing it in their usual spot.
  • Material: Some cats have fabric preferences. Try different materials like fleece, faux fur, or sherpa to see what they like best.
  • Multiple Beds: Having too many choices can be overwhelming. Start with one bed and see how they take to it before adding more.
  • Dirty Bed: Cats are fastidious creatures. Regularly wash the bed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Cats Love Sleep… But Maybe Not in Their Bed!

Even though cats sleep a significant portion of the day, they might still choose your lap, the laundry basket, or a cardboard box over their designated bed. Don’t despair! Here are some tips:

Make it Extra Enticing

  • Make it a Play Zone: Place catnip-filled toys inside the bed to create a positive association. Rotate the toys to keep things interesting.
  • Food Fun: Scatter a few kibbles or treats inside the bed to encourage them to explore it.
  • Sunbeam Snuggles: Position the bed in a sunny spot. Cats naturally gravitate towards warmth, making the bed more appealing.
  • Snuggle Up: Spend some quality cuddle time with your cat in their new bed. This can help them associate the bed with positive experiences.

What if My Cat Still Prefers My Bed Over the New Cat Bed?

It’s a common struggle for cat owners. Here are some tips to gently nudge your feline friend towards their own slumber spot:

  • Limited Access: Gradually limit access to your bed, perhaps by using a throw blanket they can’t burrow under. This will encourage them to seek out their own comfy spot.
  • Rewards: Reward your cat with treats or praise whenever they’re found using their bed. Positive reinforcement strengthens the desired behavior.
  • Patience is Key: Change takes time. Be patient and consistent with your efforts.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Beds

Q: How many cat beds do I need?

A: The number of beds depends on your cat’s personality and your home layout. One strategically placed bed might be enough for a laid-back cat. Consider placing multiple beds in different areas for active or multi-cat households.

Q: How often should I wash my cat’s bed?

A: Wash the bed every few weeks, or more often if it gets visibly dirty. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for washing and drying.

Q: My cat chews on their bed. What should I do?

A: Chewing might indicate boredom or anxiety. Provide plenty of stimulating toys and scratching posts to redirect their chewing behavior. Consider using a sturdier bed made from durable materials.

Q: My cat uses a specific human bed. Is this okay?

A: It depends on your comfort level. Sharing your bed with your cat can strengthen your bond, but it can also disrupt your sleep. Providing a comfortable alternative might encourage them to switch to their own bed.


Providing your cat with a designated bed offers numerous benefits. By understanding their preferences, choosing the right bed type, and making it enticing, you can encourage your feline friend to make their new haven their go-to snooze spot. Remember, a little patience and positive reinforcement go a long way! With these tips, you can transform your cat’s bed from an ignored corner to their ultimate sleep sanctuary.

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