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How important are breed labels?

Adding breed labels to your adoption listings can dramatically boost the visibility and success of your pet listings. Find out why they make such a significant impact.

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Free webinar: Bring a trauma-informed approach to your shelter

Get a whole new perspective on your approach to animal care with this free online course from the Vancouver Humane Society—recommended by our friends at AAWA.


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Send adopters home with care tips

Keeping pets safe in the winter requires some changes, like moving beds away from heaters and planning walks during daylight hours. Looking for more care tips? Nationwide has you covered with printable safety brochures to share with your adopters.

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This just in: We’ve expanded our partnership with Zoetis

We’re working together to improve access to care for shelter pets. Stay tuned for more on veterinary product grant programs, educational health and lifestyle resources, and more in 2024.

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PetSmart has your holiday shopping covered

Head to PetSmart to find gifts for every pet in your life—plus everything your adopters need for the best start with their new best friends.

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